Guide innovative marketing strategies

Our client, one of the largest multicultural marketing agencies in the US, was stifled by considerable data challenges. Demographic information constituting billions of datapoints required intricate analysis and careful presentation to tune sensitive marketing tactics, but our client’s data stack was not up to the task. Visualisations were unclear and obscured data fidelity, whilst backend systems were slow, inefficient and prone to failure. Marketing strategists were left without key information, losing millions on misinformed pilot projects and delaying rollout of work for major customers. A new stack was needed to quickly load, analyse and deliver insights at-scale – without sacrificing privacy, security or data depth


Fully equipped privacy-first data fabric

Our key concerns were to deliver performant architecture that complied with GDPR and CCPA criteria, and draw cogent visualisations from complex interconnected data. Our experienced solution architects first performed a data lifecycle analysis to fully understand existing data flows. We used Google Cloud to sketch out a stack transformation programme based on simulated data streams. This plan was adapted to work on all major cloud providers, and we presented these options to our client so they could choose their preferred platform – ultimately selecting the AWS suite

The next step was to build a privacy-first data warehouse using Amazon Red Shift, implementing smooth data ingestion and superfast serverless querying using Amazon Athena. Distributed data processing via Amazon EMR  generated meaningful metrics from linked data to maximise depth at a reasonable cost. Robust compliance and security layers were then added to this powerful cloud data core, leveraging AWS Security Hub and Audit Manager to guarantee resilience. The last component was a holistic dashboarding stack powered by Tableau and Amazon QuickSight, with a polished UI and flexible filters allowing limitless top-down filtering. This data fabric delivered strategy-empowering bottom-up insights to decision makers, finally putting them in control of market intelligence 


End-to-end ultra-secure data ecosystem with powerful governance and self-service insights


OVER 1 BILLION records captured

10 MILLISECOND query speed

10,000+ working hours saved