Our Mission

The technology space is filled with data solutions, some of which are very expensive. Large data volumes, changing data needs, a plethora of vendors with proprietary technologies, and other factors can all bring complexity that prevents you getting maximum value out of your data. This is made more challenging by the need to strike the right balance between cost & value of any solution in order to ensure its long-term sustainability

We are here to solve these problems by offering optimal, cost-effective technology & data solutions. We have long reach & high velocity, meaning that we can implement different technologies from the market to curate bespoke solutions that scale with your needs

Our Values

We invest in a transparent client-vendor partnership that focusses on value exchange, transparent communications, & aggressive ownership. To guarantee this, all our team members operate under three key principles:

  • Accountability through ruthless delivery
  • Innovation through next generation software
  • Integrity through human-centred technology

Our Story

Distributed Analytics was founded in 2018 in the UK by leading academics & industry veterans - with the ultimate goal of future-proofing our clients'  businesses, & supporting their teams to do their best work

To that end, our leadership sought out a diverse group of seasoned project managers, experienced engineers, & skilled scientists - building a team committed to providing sophisticated data solutions to real life business problems

Ever since, this team has worked tirelessly to deploy the right software & data solutions to reputed clients - including Global 2000 and Fortune 500 companies


Global Team Members

Our Solutions

We develop sustainable, scalable solutions that solve your challenges using next generation technology - translating business requirements into technical suites through a unique blend of business intelligence, cloud integrations, data engineering, and software development.

Our team is dedicated to your ongoing success, offering services that tackle your unique business challenges both domestic & global

Our Leadership

With over 30 years of experience in client stewardship, our management team are reliable, proven specialists that you can trust

Bringing excellence & stability, our leadership combine their knowledge & skills to mastermind powerful solutions that put you in control of your data. Extensive portfolios as data leaders across fields as varied as finance, transport, logistics & security gives our management team the experience to deliver the right solution for you regardless of industry or scale