Manage terabytes of media content

One of our long-time clients in the media streaming space had a major content management problem. Low server elasticity meant their video delivery system was often overwhelmed, causing extended downtime. In combination with an unwieldy user-facing content management tool, this was harming user experience and retention – with almost one hundred power users departing in the space of a few months. Our client’s CMS backend was also very inefficient, costing thousands to operate per day, which in tandem with the diminishing userbase was seriously threatening profitability. A new CMS strategy was desperately needed to revolutionise UX and stabilise performance, with the added challenge of a tight project timescale to stem user burn


Hybrid cloud delivery and custom management application

The first priority was to map the existing content storage and delivery systems to fully understand flows of data and operational pain points. Our experts carried out this data and cloud assessment, then outlined a number of refined architectures, which were narrowed to two solid options by consultation with our contacts in the cloud space. Our clients opted for a hybrid cloud backend system enabled by Google Cloud. Next, we built a robust hyper-efficient Firebase infrastructure to power serverless near real-time content management and storage. This ecosystem was orchestrated by Google Cloud Functions, feeding a Wowza delivery network to smoothly serve video media to users

The other piece of the puzzle was a user-friendly frontend content management tool. Our React specialists designed UI wireframes for client approval. Our veteran project managers then lead the translation of these drafts into a fully functional and tested application over the course of just two weeks. A series of custom APIs allowed this frontend to interact seamlessly with the hybrid cloud backend, working in tandem with ID management via Google Cloud IAM to empower users to curate their own content


End-to-end CMS with elastic cloud backing and a sleek user-friendly frontend

100x fewer delivery complications

30% cloud cost reduction

MAXIMUM 0.5s latency independent of location or demand

OVER 3 YEARS of ongoing solution success