Empower CRM decision makers

One of our top clients in the environment space had a serious data distribution problem. Their visualisation stack meant their engineers were repeatedly filtering data and manually creating CRM reporting canvasses for multiple departments. Reports were missing data, out of date, and visually inconsistent. Decision makers could not leverage their CRM metrics, wasting tens of thousands of pounds in data investment. A centralised cloud BI platform was needed, but the real challenge was in satisfying the needs of multiple business teams and data stewards with just one solution


Live, hyper-automated BI platform

Our initial key priorities were to understand reporting requirements across the business and find the source of historical data-specific  challenges. We performed a data assessment and impact analysis to explore how data was flowing into the organisation, determining the fastest method to transform it into insights and disseminate it across groups. We then evaluated options from our portfolio of BI partners, and recommended three different pathways to the clients – who chose Microsoft’s leading Power BI platform

Our BI specialists designed focussed Power BI dashboards for real-time insights fed by robust custom APIs. We also built a dynamic data classification model to map all the data feeds in one place, and created a layer of calculations to enable advanced analytics. The final piece of the puzzle was a thorough data dictionary and Azure Active Directory governance layer, tailoring dashboard metrics to each department to bring clarity & enhance decision speed


Distributed BI solution offering real-time, accurate insights on demand

15% sales growth

32% net worth increase

1000+ working hours saved

OVER 4 YEARS of ongoing solution success