Enterprise Architect

I am a technical architect these days but what I do on a daily basis includes more than just architecture.
I’m a firm believer in being hands-on especially in technical leadership roles which I complemented by bridging the business and technical gap to ensure objective alignment and implementation accuracy.

To achieve this I build relationships in the micro and macro; riding the organisational elevator by engaging with senior stakeholders, subject matter experts and rolling up my sleeves to work with the development team to mitigate design risks, receive technical feedback, mentor and help instil the values of craftsmanship within the team.

The tools I often reach for range from Domain Driven Design, Hypothesis Driven Design, Test Driven Development, Infrastructure as Code, architecture designs using C4, risk / attack trees and close collaboration such as pairing, workshops, hack days and delivering talks.

My approach is to make an impact as soon as possible with the appropriate amount of design with the smallest possible value proposition followed by iterations of learning, pivoting and evolving.

A key aspect of driving change is to measure and to be guided by baseline and changes in data as solutions are iterated; this enables data driven decision across the organisation.


Enteprise Architect